Pidgin Restaurant9

Pidgin Restaurant

This cabinet of curiosities is not something you will find hiding under the bed–or in your closet. The food in these odd images can actually be consumed at Vancouver eatery Pidgin. This restaurant plays with opposites, like casual/fine dining and delicate/approachable. Craig Stanghetta designed Pidgin to be intentionally sparse and minimal, creating a casual atmosphere, with taxidermy bird parts strategically placed throughout. Asian elegance reigns in the food & beverage program at Pidgen. The ssäm or (family style) is the method of choice when concocting these thoughtful dishes. Local sake and soju flows from their popular bar area. Chef Makoto Ono believes in a harmonized bar and kitchen, both must complement each other and be equally nurtured. This peculiar restaurant surely proves that Vancouver is stepping up in the culinary world.

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PidgIn Restaurant3

PidgIn Restaurant4

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Pidgin Restaurant 6

Pidgin Restaurant7

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Pidgin Restaurant9

350 Carrall Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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